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Child Custody Representation at Barkat Law Firm

Child custody has the potential to be the most contentious issue of the entire divorce process. Ultimately, custody is determined based on what the judge believes is in the child's best interest. In some cases, however, parents can determine custody on their own without needing to pursue litigation. Whether you prefer to resolve your custody disagreement via mediation, collaboration, or litigation, you can count on Sheraz Barkat for excellent legal support.

Divorce Counsel at Barkat Law Firm

Every divorce is painful in its own way, but the right lawyer can ensure that you feel prepared for this difficult process. Careful guidance is imperative throughout the entirety of the divorce process; that's exactly what you'll receive when you work with Sheraz Barkat. A respected attorney known for his empathy and professionalism, Sheraz Barkat will provide the patient guidance you need.

Legal Separation Services at Barkat Law Firm

Divorce is not the only option when two spouses wish to split, and in many cases, it is not the most financially prudent choice. If you and your spouse desire legal protection as you go your separate ways, but still want to remain married, legal separation may be your best option. The separation process is arguably just as painful and confusing as divorce, so it is imperative that you work with a trusted family lawyer. Reach out to the Barkat Law Firm to determine whether legal separation might be a good option for you and your spouse.

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